Need a telehealth GP?

The demand for telehealth is rocketing. People living in rural or remote regions have a real need for prompt healthcare but are not always able to see their doctor when they need to. Professionals and anyone with a busy schedule are turning to this new format of healthcare which is proving safe and convenient, complementing their usual healthcare.  

I am an experienced telehealth primary care physician and love being able to help people who may otherwise have to wait days or weeks before being diagnosed and treated. Feel free to check out my qualifications and experience on my LinkedIn page.

If you’re looking to collaborate to improve the welfare of Australian or even international patients, please contact me today using the Contact Form or email me at

Need a medical writer?

Whether you need accredited medical education, patient resources, web copy or another project, I’m here to provide health content to the highest standard and customisation you need. Don’t forget that my medical experience sets me apart from other medical writers who don’t have my breadth of health industry expertise and focus.

Please contact me today using the contact form or email or phone me if that’s easier. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

I endeavour to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

Need a medical advisor?

If you are a health organisation or start-up and you’d like to collaborate on a project, or have medical advisory / panel opportunities, please feel free to contact me today.

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